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Single-Ply Membrane

Save On Energy Costs and Ensure Optimal Indoor Comfort 

R & R Top Choice Roofing staffs experts with much experience working with Conklin single-ply membranes. We can extend the lifespan of your commercial roof and ensure strength and durability with this roofing system, no matter what kind of single-ply you need. Not sure what kind of single-ply membrane your commercial structure needs? We’ll explain the roles and benefits of each kind to ensure you get the right one for your business.
Commercial Roofing Company Winston-Salem, NC
We’ll help narrow down the type of single-ply membrane your business needs based on several factors, including your desired budget, structure height, wind exposure, roof traffic, and of course, appearance. 

R & R Top Choice Roofing offers several energy-efficient options for you:

  • Fabric Reinforcement
  • Flexion DuPont Single-Ply Membrane System
  • EPDM Restoration
  • Complete Tear-Off
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